Adrafinil is a mild stimulant Nootropic that enhances alertness, concentration, energy, and supports cognitive function.  Despite it's long lasting stimulating effects, Adrafinil does not cause hyperactivity.  Discovered in 1974 by two French chemists, it was first tested on Humans to specifically treat narcolepsy.  It's effects are very similar to Modafinil; however, less potent due to the time for the metabolite to accumulate to active levels in the bloodstream.  Adrafinil acts on the adrenergic system, which is the part of the nervous system that releases adrenaline.  Rapid release of adrenaline leads to an increase of both energy and alertness.  Studies have also found that Adrafinil stimulates the release of serotonin, which is responsible for enhancing mood and reducing anxiety.  

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-Promotes wakefulness.

-Alertness and focus.

-Increased aspects of motivation and problem solving.

-Tolerance does not build up quickly.

-No noticeable crash.

-Increased physical performance

Adrafinil promotes wakefulness and energy.  It was originally designed to improve memory and reaction time in people who were sleep deprived.  Despite this being a stimulant and having similar energy promoting properties to prescription amphetamines, it does not carry the same negative side effects, which is often increased anxiety, and hyperactivity.  Additionally, the effects are long lasting, and designed to provide focus and mental clarity through a prolonged period of time.  

Adrafinil is a potent cognitive enhancer, as studies have shown there to be increased aspects of motivation, learning, and problem solving.  These cognitive enhancing benefits can partly be attributed to an overall boost in mood and feeling of well-being, due to it's serotonin-stimulating properties.  



Dosage varies, but recommended is 300 mg-600 mg.  The initial effects of Adrafinil start to take place after 60-90 minutes on an empty stomach, and the full effects within 90-120 minutes.  These effects can last anywhere between 10-15 hours with no notable crash, that many experience with other stimulants.  It is also advised to cycle off Adrafinil after a couple weeks of daily use, as it could potentially affect liver function.


Side Effects

Side affects can include mild headaches, appetite reduction, insomnia, and nausea.  Remember, this is a stimulant, so it is best to take Adrafinil in the morning to avoid any potential sleep complications.  Overall, Adrafinil is well-tolerated, but chances of the listed side-effects can occur if exceeding recommended dosage.  


Our Take

Adrafinil is one of the top Nootropics for a reason.  It can quickly give you a much needed boost of energy and feeling of wakefulness, especially after a bad night of sleep.  Despite having very similar effects to many pharmaceutical stimulants, Adrafinil is unique in that it does not carry the same negative side effects.  Additionally, the cognitive enhancing benefits are long lasting, and particularly great for grueling work, school, or any daily activity that requires focus and mental clarity.  We also noticed an increase in physical performance, so this can easily be an alternative to many pre-workout supplements.  


This is an amazing Nootropic for those looking for an added boost of energy, and a prolonged feeling of alertness and focus.   It can also be a healthier alternative to pharmaceutical stimulants such as adderall, ritalin, etc.  While it does not carry some of the same negative side effects as these pharmaceutical stimulants, it is best to use Adrafinil in 2-3 week cycles to avoid any potential liver damage.