Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is one of the most popular Nootropics out on the market right now.  It is developed by Onnit Lab and has a long list of ingredients that play a big role in it's cognitive enhancing benefits. Below is the full list of impressive ingredients, which solidifies how well-designed this supplement is.  We reviewed many of these ingredients separately, as they each have their own unique benefits.  A few that stand out are Bacopa Monnieiri, Alpha-GPC, and Huperzine A.  All have profound effects on increasing memory and overall brain health.  L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine provide calming effects that balance out the cognitive boosting elements of Alpha Brain.  

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-Alpha GPC

-AC-11 Cat's Claw Extract

-Bacopa Monnieri

-Huperzine A




-Oat Straw Extract




-Vitamin B6



-Enhances cognition

-Improves memory and focus

-Boosts mood

-Increases feeling of well-being

-Promotes healthy sleep

Alpha Brain is known for it's cognitive enhancing benefits that include an improvement in memory, focus, and mental clarity.  It is a very fast-acting supplement, so many users experience an immediate improvement with brain fog, and the ability to quickly recall information.  


Many users also experience a significant improvement with their mood and overall sense of well being.  This can be attributed to the increase in dopamine that many of these ingredients stimulate in the brain.  

Alpha Brain also promotes healthy sleep due to its effects on acetylcholine levels. It can definitely be taken before bed to enhance sleep quality and dream clarity.





Alpha Brain dosage is two capsules and can be taken on a daily basis.  The effects typically last between two and four hours, but this obviously can vary by individual. 


Side Effects

Alpha Brain is considered to be very safe, as there have been no serious side effects reported.  Minor side effects can include nausea, headaches, anxiety, and restlessness.  These can occur if the recommended dosage is exceeded.  


Where to buy

The best place to purchase Alpha Brain is directly through their website at,


Our Take

Alpha Brain is a widely popular Nootropic that is made up of a long list of impressive natural ingredients.  It has many profound cognitive enhancing benefits, which include improvements in memory, focus, and mental clarity.  It's calming and mood improving effects combines extremely well with the cognitive benefits.  This is the perfect Nootropic to help with studying, work, and even working out.  

We have had nothing but positive experiences when supplementing Alpha Brain.  It is a perfect blend of ingredients for enhancing productivity with work or school, while maintaining a positive mood.  We definitely felt all of the benefits listed above and they kicked in within 30 minutes of ingesting in the morning.  We did try to double the dosage on one occasion, and unfortunately experienced the minor nauseating side effects.  Therefore, it is best to stay within the recommended daily dosage. 

Overall, we highly recommended Alpha Brain for both Nootropic beginners and experts!