Ashwagandha is an ancient herb from India, used to reduce stress and improve mood.  It has been a prominent herb used for medicinal purposes for over 3000 years, and now is a widely popular supplement due to its many health benefits.  These health benefits can be attributed to the plant's high concentration of withanolides, which is a group of natural occurring steroids.  It is classified as an adaptogen due to it's stress relieving effects on the brain and body.  

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-Reduces stress

-Reduces anxiety

-May improve brain function and memory

-Can reduce cortisol levels

-May boost testosterone and increase fertility in men

-May increase muscle mass and strength

-Safe for most people and widely available

Ashwagandha is best known for its anti-anxiety and stress relieving benefits.  Many studies have been linked to Ashwagandha reducing cortisol levels, which is the hormone that is directly correlated with stress.  High cortisol levels can also be related to weight gain, high blood pressure, low immune function, and many other negative health implications.  

Studies have found Ashwagandha to boost testosterone and fertility in Men.  Increased testosterone levels also lead to increased muscle mass and improvements in strength.  

Brain health is another amazing benefit.  Many studies of prolonged Ashwagandha use have been linked to a significant improvement of cognitive function and reaction time.  Anxiety and stress has been linked to negatively impairing cognitive function, which is why there are many studies for Ashwagandha being a treatment for a decline in brain function.  

Since this is derived from a natural herb, Ashwagandha has been deemed very safe, and has many long term studies linked to it's benefits.  It is also widely accessible in supplement shops, health stores, and online supplement providers.  



Dosage varies, but recommended is 300 mg-500 mg taken once or twice per day and is typically taken with food.   For full range of benefits, It is also recommended to take the recommended dosage on a daily basis for a full month.


Side Effects

Ashwagandha is generally a very safe and well-tolerated supplement for healthy individuals.  Side effects are rare when staying within the recommended dosage.   Woman who are nursing or pregnant should not take Ashwagandha.  Research has also shown that mixing Ashwagandha with certain medications should be avoided.


Where to buy

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Our Take

Ashwagandha is a very safe natural supplement that helps the brain and body cope with stress.  It is very well tolerated and has minimal side effects. Along with it's stress relieving benefits, Ashwagandha also helps promote healthy sleep. While it may not provide an immediate cognitive boost like other Nootropics, it's stress relieving effects may indirectly boost cognition by lowering anxiety and boosting mood.  Ashwagandha is very affordable and widely available, so it is a great Nootropic to try for both beginners and experts!