Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is a natural perennial herb, that is native to the wetlands of India, Australia, Asia, South America, and parts of Europe.  It is commonly referred to as water hyssop.  Bacopa Monnieri in supplement form has been used as a Nootropic to improve cognition and reduce anxiety.   It's main mechanisms are bacosides A and bacosides B.  Both bacosides help rebuild damaged neurons and they improve the signaling of electrical impulses between neurons in the brain. This ultimately boosts memory and overall brain health.

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-Enhances cognition.

-Reduces anxiety and stress.

-Increased motivation and problem solving.

Bacopa Monnieri has many proven effective benefits that are particularly related to cognitive health.  Many clinical studies have shown that Bacopa Monnieri can promote focus and attention, and increase mental capacity through quicker learning and processing.  


Bacopa Monnieri acts as an adaptogen, which can potentially reduce stress and anxiety and promote a feeling of calmness.  Studies also show that Bacopa enhances the activities of the GABA receptors in the brain, which is the neurotransmitter that primarily deals with stress.  




Dosage varies, but recommended is 300 mg-350 mg daily, but this is assuming that the total bacoside content is 55% of the extract by weight.  

Bacopa Monnieri is recommended to be taken on a daily basis. Typically, the anti-anxiety benefits take effect immediately, but the cognitive enhancing benefits do not fully come into fruition until after 2-4 weeks of daily use.  


Side Effects

Bacopa Monneiri is a natural supplement that is very well tolerated and safe.  Some mild side effects can include fatigue, dry mouth, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and bloating.  These are typically found at the start of supplementation and in most cases, subside as the body adapts.  


Where to buy

We recommend buying Bacopa Monnieri capsules from the reputable brand, Double Wood Supplements, which can be found on Amazon here.


Stacks Well With




Bacopa Monnieri is considered one of the best Nootropics to utilize for stacking.  When stacking Bacopa Monnieri, effects and benefits are typically enhanced.

When it is stacked with Adrafinil or Phenylpiracetam, mental and physical energy can be more profound.  When Bacopa Monneiri is stacked with Phenibut, users might feel an increase in anti-anxiety effects.


Our Take

Bacopa Monnieri is a natural herb that has been around for many years.  It has proven cognitive enhancing benefits and is widely recognized to reduce anxiety.  Bacopa Monnieri is also safe and well tolerated, with very minimal known side-effects. 


One important thing to note is that Bacopa Monnieri is meant to be taken on a daily basis. While the anti-anxiety effects are generally noticeable right away, the cognitive enhancing benefits sometimes take weeks to fully come into effect.  This is actually a big positive in our book, because it can be added to your daily supplement routine.  Bacopa Monneiri also stacks very well with other Nootropics and can be found in popular Nootropic Formulas such as, Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro.


 If you are looking for a natural, and safe Nootropic to reduce your stress and improve your learning ability over time, this could be the perfect fit!