CDP Choline

CDP Choline or also known as Citicoline, is a popular memory enhancing Nootropic.  The supplement acts by creating more acetylcholine in the brain, which is the learning neurotransmitter.  It also repairs neurons in the brain, which has been linked to an overall improvement of memory.  Some of the other very noticeable cognitive effects can range from an increase in focus, mental energy, and quicker learning capabilities.  CDP Choline also stacks incredibly well with other Nootropics.  This is due to it's ability to raise acetylcholine levels in the brain, which enhances the effects of memory boosting supplements, such as certain racetams.

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-Improves memory

-Improves learning capacity

-Supports brain energy

-Improves focus and mental clarity

-Stacks well with other Nootropics

CDP Choline is a powerful Nootropic that enhances the cognitive function in the brain.  The most notable cognitive benefits are improved focus and mental clarity, as well as memory protection over time.  Many users experience improved focus for a long period of time, with no notable crashes or eventual brain fog. 

CDP Choline also protects the brain from oxidative stress, autoimmune response, and environmental toxins by boosting it's vital neurotransmitters.  


CDP Choline stacks particular well with racetam Nootropics.  Many users experience more profound effects from the racetam supplement, which is due to the increased acetylcholine levels in the brain. 



Recommended singled dosage is 250 mg.  Higher doses can range from 750 mg-1000 mg.  

CDP Choline can be taken on a daily basis and is considered safe and well tolerated.

Side Effects


Many studies and clinical trials have not found many notable or serious side effects.  There have been a few studies that have linked lethargy, and anxiety to very high doses of CDP Choline, but overall it can be seen as a very safe Nootropic. 


Where to buy

We recommend buying CDP Choline capsules from the reputable brand, Double Wood Supplements, which can be found on Amazon here.


Stacks Well With


Our Take

CDP Choline is is a perfect cognitive enhancing Nootropic that is both safe and very effective.  It has a long history of clinical trials and studies, which solidify the minimal side effects that have been reported.  It can also be safely stacked with other Nootropics and has been linked to amplifying the affects of racetams.  Since CDP Choline is well tolerated, it can be added into your daily routine for long term brain health benefits, and overall improvements of memory and cognition.