L-Theanine is natural amino acid which is commonly found in tea leaves, such as green and black tea. It can also be found in pill or tablet form.  Studies show that L-Theanine may affect levels of various chemicals in the brain, which include dopamine and serotonin.  These two neurotransmitters influence mood, sleep, emotion, and cortisol which helps the body deal with stress.  

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-Enhanced feeling of relaxation

-Reduced stress and anxiety

-Better mental focus and clarity

-Promotes brain health

-Improves sleep

The majority of L-Theanine's benefits are a result from the effects of elevated levels of GABA , serotonin, and dopamine in the brain.  All three of these are neurotransmitters that work to regulate mood, emotions, and sleep.  Increasing these neurotransmitter levels can also result in relaxation and calmness.  

L-Theanine enhances alpha brain waves, which can result in a state of being alert and creative. Many users love the combination of being alert and relaxed.  L-Theanine is often very effective when taken with caffeine.  Taking the two together enhances both cognition and mood, without the ultimate crash of taking caffeine by itself. 

L-Theanine promotes overall brain health by protecting the brain from over-stimulation caused by too much glutamate.  

L-Theanine has proven to help both the quality of sleep and ones ability to fall asleep without causing drowsiness or negative side effects.  This can be attributed to it's relaxation and calmness boosting effects.  



Dosage varies, but recommended is 100-250 mg per day.  The initial effects of L-Theanine occur within 30 minutes of ingestion, and the calming effects can least anywhere between 8 to 10 hours.


Side Effects

L-Theanine is one of the safest Nootropics out on the market and it is very well tolerated. Minor side effects can include dizziness and headache when taken with caffeine.  

Where to buy


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Our Take

L-Theanine is both a safe and effective Nootropic that stacks extremely well with caffeine.  When paired with caffeine, users can experience a boost in both cognitive and mood lifting benefits.  It is a perfect starting point for Nootropic beginners who are looking for a natural cognitive boosting supplement that also reduces stress and anxiety.