Phenibut is a Nootropic compound that was originally developed in Russia in the 1960's to treat anxiety and depression.  It is derived from the neurotransmitter GABA.  It has anxiolytic and cognitive enhancing effects by acting as a GABA-mimetic on both GABA A and GABA B receptors. Effects are very powerful, as the supplement stimulates dopamine receptors, which can directly enhance mood, focus, and motivation.

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-Promotes a feeling of calm

-Reduces anxiety

-Increases cognition

-Increases physical performance

-Improves sleep

-Increased libido

-Long lasting effects

Phenibut is a very powerful Nootropic that can reduce anxiety and produce a deep state of calmness.  These effects are very profound.

Phenibut increases cognition by improving memory, and one's ability to learn.  Many users experience quick problem solving skills and a boost in motivation.  Phenibut targets both the GABA and dopamine receptors in the brain.  An increase in dopamine can lead to a more positive mood, as well as an increase in attention and memory. Many users also experience higher libido levels, which can also be attributed to the increase in dopamine.  

Phenibut promotes healthy sleep due to it's GABA enhancing effects.  Increased GABA can help you fall asleep faster and stay in a deep quality state of sleep throughout the night.  

Phenibut increases levels of human growth hormone, which is the hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and cell regeneration.  Increased levels of HGH can help promote more physical endurance, muscle recovery, muscle growth, and overall energy levels.



Dosage is very important when using Phenibut.  Recommended dosage is 600 mg-1200 mg, taken 1-2 times per week.  For best results, Phenibut can be taken on an empty stomach.  Initial effects start to take place within 60-90 minutes, and peak effects within 3-4 hours of ingestion.  Tolerance is built up extremely quickly, so it is important to stay within the recommended dosage.  It is also very important to cycle off for 1-3 days to re-assess tolerance, if it is taken more than 1 day per week.  


Side Effects

Side effects can include fatigue, nausea, headaches, and withdrawal symptoms.  Phenibut is dangerous to mix with other GABA enhancing substances and should not be mixed with alcohol.  These side effects can greatly intensify if usage exceeds recommended dosage.  Since tolerance builds up quickly, side effects can occur if usage exceeds more than 2-3 times per week.  


Where to buy

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Our Take

Phenibut is a very powerful Nootropic that has many proven benefits.  The key to unlocking Phenibut's amazing potential is to stick to the recommended dosage.  It is also very important to spread out usage, as tolerance does build up extremely quickly.  If used correctly, this can be a supplement that can greatly enhance productivity with work, school, social interactions, physical performance, and sleep.