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Top 5 Most Popular Nootropics in 2020

Updated: Feb 1

The Nootropics industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, as more and more people are looking for ways to maximize their brain's potential. As the Nootropic space grows, so does the popularity of specific supplements and manufacturers. Below we will highlight the most popular Nootropics in 2020.

It is important to note that there are many different single Nootropics and Nootropic stacks out on the market. Additionally, each single Nootropic or Nootropic stack can have similar or completely different effects and benefits. Our top 5 list is based on popularity in 2020. If you would like to see our reviews of different Nootropics based on their benefits or effects, please visit our Nootropics by Category page here.

Top 5 Most Popular Nootropics in 2020 by Rank

1. Mind Lab Pro

Coming in at the top spot of our ranking list is the The Nootropic stack, Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro is a pre-formulated Nootropic stack that is made up of 12 unique ingredients. These ingredients work synergistically together to create cognitive boosting effects ranging from an improvement in memory, to overall brain protection. It is a perfect Nootropic for work professionals who are looking to stay focused and creative during a busy work day. It is also a great supplement for students who are looking to increase their learning function.

It is generally very safe and there have been no reports of serious side effects, which is another reason why it continues to grow in popularity.

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2. Alpha Brain

Coming in at number 2 in our most popular Nootropics of 2020 list is Nootropic stack, Alpha Brain. It is developed by the reputable Company, Onnit Lab. Like Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain also has a long list of ingredients that play a big role in it's cognitive enhancing benefits. A few that stand out are Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha-GPC, and Huperzine A. All have profound effects on increasing memory and overall brain health. L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine provide calming effects that balance out the cognitive boosting elements of Alpha Brain.

Alpha Brain is considered very safe when taken at the recommended dosage. This is the perfect Nootropic to help with productivity at work, school, even working out.

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3. Bacopa Monnieri

Our 3rd ranked Nootropic of 2020 by popularity is Bacopa Monnieri. Bacopa Monnieri is a natural perennial herb, that is native to the wetlands of India, Australia, Asia, South America, and parts of Europe. It is commonly referred to as water hyssop. Bacopa Monnieri in supplement form has been used as a Nootropic to improve cognition and reduce anxiety. It's main mechanisms are bacosides A and bacosides B. Both bacosides help rebuild damaged neurons and they improve the signaling of electrical impulses between neurons in the brain. This ultimately boosts memory and overall brain health.

Bacopa Monnieri is safe and well tolerated, with very minimal known side-effects.

One important thing to note is that Bacopa Monnieri is meant to be taken on a daily basis. While the anti-anxiety effects are generally noticeable right away, the cognitive enhancing benefits sometimes take weeks to fully come into effect. This is actually a big positive in our book, because it can be added to your daily supplement routine.

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4. Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane is our 4th ranked most popular Nootropic of 2020. Lion's Mane is a natural mushroom that can be eaten or taken in the form of a supplement. Research shows that it can provide a number of health benefits which include, treatment of anxiety and depression, reduced inflammation, and improved cognitive health. The primary active compounds in Lion's Mane are, hericenones, and erinacines, which both stimulate nerve growth factor. Nerve growth factor are special proteins that function to regenerate neurons, which ultimately contributes to neurogenesis. Additionally, elevated levels of nerve growth factor levels, leads to enhanced learning and memory function.

Lion's Mane is considered very safe, and well tolerated, and can be stacked with many various other Nootropics.

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5. L-Theanine

Coming in at our 5th and final spot of most popular Nootropics of 2020 is L-Theanine. L-Theanine is natural amino acid which is commonly found in tea leaves, and many of the top Nootropic stacks like Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain. L-Theanine can also be purchased as a single Nootropic and doses can be measured out in capsule form or powder.. Studies show that L-Theanine may affect levels of various chemicals in the brain, which include dopamine and serotonin. These two neurotransmitters influence mood, sleep, emotion, and cortisol which helps the body deal with stress.

L-Theanine is one of the safest Nootropics out on the market and it is very well tolerated, which is one of the reasons why it is so widely available.

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